Soto's Security



Business Security Systems

As a business owner, manager, or security director, you must deal with threats on many levels. You know the need to protect your facilities, employees, inventory, trade secrets, and other assets is more critical than ever.


This is where Soto's Security Services can help. A business security system is highly effective in reducing crime. In fact, businesses without alarm systems are 4.5 times more likely to be burglarized than those that have an alarm system.

Insurance companies also realize the benefits. That's why they offer significant premium discounts to businesses that install a business security system. Insurers know that a business with a security system has a far lower risk of being victimized by crime or having a large loss from a fire.

Video Security Surveillance Systems

Recent advances in CCTV technology have turned video surveillance into perhaps the single most valuable security and loss prevention tool available today. A video surveillance system can alert you before a threatening situation gets worse. It also provides an important record of events. Monitoring your business or store can be invaluable in identifying and apprehending thieves and vandals and keeping you and your employees safe and secure.



Interactive Video Monitoring

Interactive video monitoring (IVM) takes the concept of video surveillance to the next level. With an IVM system, a security professional can observe and actively intervene in an emergency situation. This active intervention capability can reduce threats and losses by an even greater degree than a passive video surveillance system alone.

Interactive video monitoring can also be integrated with our security guard patrol service, providing the ultimate in security, protection and loss prevention.